Structural Packaging Design

4PD uses graphics and packaging structure to make your product stand out on shelf.

70% of buying decisions are made in front of the shelf so it is important that your packaging is as visually strong as possible. The graphics have to convey the brand values, the quality of the product, the contents, the cost and the packaging recyclability.

4PD pares down the information to the essential messages so that consumers can make their judgements quickly and accurately. The language used on the packaging should be clear and honest so that consumers are not deceived or disappointed. When a manufacturer has a number of varieties of the same basic product it is crucial that the consumer can tell the difference easily.

The text on the packaging should express your brand's personality which should be both appealing and engaging. People should like your brand in more ways than just on Facebook.

The packaging needs to protect the product but it also needs to be easy enough for the consumer to open it successfully. It needs to perform effectively and reliably when being used. After use it should be easy to dispose of responsibly with clear indications and advice on how to do that.

The type of printing process and choice of packaging materials affects the graphic design, illustration or photography used so 4PD carefully considers the implications of material selection.

4PD ensure that the minimum of packaging is used in the design and that the materials and inks used are as environmentally responsible and sustainable as they can be. A preference is given to materials that have the least impact during their life-cycle and have the most favourable end-of-life scenarios.