UK designers

Brand Research

4PD works with clients to establish who their target customer is and what their desires are. To understand their needs and how the client's product or service best fulfills them. Identify strengths that can be promoted and weaknesses which can be improved upon. All this information helps 4PD create the brand strategy and compose the brand proposition.

Brand Proposition

This is a statement which details the promise which you are making to all your customers. It expresses the level of service your customer can expect to receive and the performance your product delivers. The language used should engage with customers and be relevant to them. The message should clearly state the key ways you are different from your competitors. This proposition should be easy to understand and entice people to try your goods and services. The performance of the product and service should then retain them as customers. A positive experience leads to brand loyalty.

Brand Bonding

Happy customers have positive thoughts and feelings about your brand. They become emotionally attached to it. They trust it. It is very important that all your employees consistently deliver the brand experience and the promises you make are continually reinforced so that staff do not lower their standards. On the rare occassions that a customer does have a disappointing experience then it is critical that the situation is rectified as swiftly as possible in the most agreeable manner to maintain brand loyalty.

Brand Building

Be consistent across all outlets and media. Everything you produce should convey the same brand message and image. Your company logo and tagline should be made as visible as possible and as often as possible to establish it in the minds of your customer. Different situations call for different ways of conveying the brand message so a short, medium and long statement can be helpful in getting the message across succinctly. Building a brand story which your customers would find interesting further engages them. All of this should then be repeated consistently to achieve brand recognition and traction within the marketplace.